Jake Shields

“I would love to fight that old man Frank Shamrock for all the shit he talks about me. But Frank would never fight me in a million years. All the stability balls in the world couldnt save Frank. He is a shameless self promoter that would not make it out of round one against me and he knows it. I called him out at the hotel last night for all the shit he talks about me…He has zero jiu jitsu skill. Apparently rolling around with a rubber ball all day does not tighten up your jiu jitsu game as much as previously thought (LOL). But Im wasting all of our time even talking about this right now. Frank knows he would get smashed by me. Yet he will still talk shit about me but not sign on the dotted line thats what Frank does. Hes a creepy looking 50 something year old man, with a flat nose, and some 13 year old kids braces on his teeth, trying to always talk himself up so people think he is still relevant…He beat Cesar and Nick smashed him…How about a rubber match Frank? I would come up to your weight and I would give you my entire purse if you could even make it to a decision against me. Then you could buy all the stability balls in San Jose to grapple against every day for the rest of your life, you dick”

—Jake Shields, via FIGHT! Mag, making it crystal clear who he wants to fight next.

Who would have thought Jake had that in him? Maybe he’s been hanging around Nick Diaz for too long. Nevertheless, this seems to be stemming from the Shamrock-Cesar Gracie feud. Apparently, Nick giving Frank a giant beatdown wasn’t enough to settle that score.

I guess the only question now is if Frank is willing to take the fight.

Image courtesy of CombatLifestyle.com. Quote via MixedMartialArts.com