Spencer Fisher

Yeah I want to hit him in the face really hard…Well his chin seems to be suspect and I am saying that out in the open. I don’t think he will stand with me very long. I think he will revert to try and take me down and I am going to try and catch him with a knee on the way in and I am going try and knock him out that’s my plan I think his chin is suspect and that’s what I am going to try and exploit…Yeah, I got a couple of guys trying to emulate him so I am going to try and catch him coming in trying to work on my footwork a lot I am sure he will try a single leg, he likes the single leg, so I am going to try and feed him a knee on the way in.

—Spencer Fisher in an interview with WKR revealing his gameplan to beat Caol Uno at UFC 99.

Fisher also slams the wrestlers in the lightweight division for laying n’ praying and being boring fighters. He must not have been paying attention lately because nearly every wrestler in the UFC lightweight division has fallen in love with their striking recently.

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Image courtesy of CombatLifestyle.com