Randy Khatami & Kimbo SliceOne of the biggest questions following the announcement of Kimbo’s involvement in TUF 10 was, has Kimbo been training, and if so, with who?

Bas Rutten publicly exclaimed that he didn’t want anything to do with Kimbo anymore, but as it turns out Kimbo has been training, albeit for only a little over a month, at Bas’ gym, just not with Bas. Instead, Kimbo’s been getting back at it with his other former trainer at Elite MMA, Randy Khatami.

Early last month, Khatami began working with Slice again after a six-month layoff. Slice told him he would return soon – to what, he didn’t know, but he wanted to be ready.

Rutten had a well-publicized falling out with Slice after his 14-second loss to Seth Petruzelli at EliteXC’s “Heat” in October.

“Bas and I talked it over,” said Khatami. “Bas, he wasn’t happy with the lack of hunger, and the lack of drive and some other things, and it is Bas’ gym, and I’m a part of the gym as well. It’s one of those things where I told him I was going to do it, and here I am doing it now.”

“He came in hungry,” said Khatami. “In my eyes, he came in hungry like he was before the Tank Abbott fight. It was a pleasure for me to see.”

With only a short amount of time to get Kimbo prepared for the show, Khatami said he spent the majority of their time sparring and working on the mental aspect of the game, and said “he’s ready to go.”

Only a month to prepare after a six-month layoff really isn’t a lot of time. When you consider that every other fighter on the show has probably been in the gym those six months and who knows how long before that, it seems like Kimbo’s chances just got even smaller.