Lee MurrayLee Murray just can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.

This time, Murray apparently was planning on breaking out of a Moroccan prison, but got caught before he had the chance to go through with it.

The London-born Moroccan-heritage fighter is in jail in Morocco on charges of cocaine possession. He arrived in Morocco after being identified as a leading suspect in a £53 million bank raid in the UK.

According to MMA Torch (citing The Wrestling Observer) “small saws were found in a plate of biscuits in Murray’s cell by another prisoner who broke into it. Prison officials believe Murray was planning to cut through the iron bars of his cell window with the saws.

“To make the escape through the small window easier, Murray had lost a significant amount of weight recently though training hard and starving himself. Murray was in a different cell at the time as punishment for being caught with a laptop computer (with internet access) and five kilos of drugs.

Saws hidden in biscuits? Not much of a plan if you ask me. Murray orchestrating the largest bank robbery in Britain’s history is impressive, sure, but he’s no Michael Scofield. That’s for damn sure.