Marcus Davis & Dan Hardy Staredown at UFC 99 Weigh-Ins

“We went back and forth on the stand-up, He dropped me with a knee, I think, but I knocked him down with a hook. I also scored more takedowns, more submission attempts and outpowered him the whole fight…He came into my dressing room to talk after and I said I won. He said it was close. And he wouldn’t argue. That took something. I guess he’s not apologized for going too far with the talking. I won the fight.”

—Marcus Davis explaining why he thinks he won the fight against Dan Hardy yesterday at UFC 99.

Davis and Hardy shook hands in the locker room afterwards, but it doesn’t sound like this feud is over as far as Marcus is concerned. It was a close fight, and I don’t know if the UFC will do it anytime soon, but don’t be surprised if Marcus makes it his personal mission to get a rematch booked as soon as possible.

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