Ray mercer Knocks Out Tim Sylvia

The first thing that went through my mind on the whole Tim Sylvia fight was that he lost. He definitely made a mistake or got caught. But how is Affliction going to … are they going to use someone who just came off of a loss? And that’s my biggest concern now, because now just came off of a loss. Does Affliction use him for the next show? That’s my big dilemma. So I got in touch with “Crazy” Bob [Cook] [Buentello’s trainer] and they are trying to figure it all out if, as of right now, is the fight still going to happen now that he lost? I wish he never took the fight…I don’t know. I don’t know what was going through Tim’s head before the fight. I can definitely know what’s going through his head now, you know, from being in that position of getting knocked out so fast. I don’t know what was going through his head before this fight coming in at 310 pounds…Well, most definitely. But now you gotta take a step back and go, ‘Man, you know, it would be great to fight him but what would it do for me now? What would it do for me now in front of the fans?’ I don’t know if the hype is still there after him getting beat. I hope Affliction still allows the fight to happen because it’s still going to be a great a fight, but I don’t control those pens and papers over there.

—Paul Buentello speaking to MMA Fanhouse about Tim Sylvia’s knockout loss to Ray Mercer last Saturday night.

Between the weight and medical issues, the chances of the Buentello-Sylvia fight happening seems pretty unlikely at this point. Poor Paul, he’s just not having much luck with his Affliction match-ups. First, his “Banned” fight with Aleksander Emelianenko got canceled at the weigh-ins and now this.

Image courtesy of Sherdog

Update: Tim Sylvia didn’t even get the chance to drop the weight or see what the CSAC was going to do about his knockout because Tom Atencio has already pulled him off the card.

Tim Sylvia’s shocking 10-second knockout loss to Ray Mercer on Saturday has proven to be more costly than originally thought. Affliction Entertainment vice president, Tom Atencio, informed FanHouse on Monday that Sylvia has now been taken off the upcoming “Affliction: Trilogy” card. “It’s his second knockout in a row, and I don’t want to take a chance on anything,” Atencio said. “The fight is less than 60 days away.”

Atencio added that no one from the California State Athletic Commission contacted him about taking Sylvia off the card, but he felt it was in Sylvia’s best interest to take some time off to heal.

Buentello will likely face Rizzo-Yvel winner from Ultimate Chaoson June 27.