Bloodsport Groin Shot

Haha, this is great. Joe Stevenson plans on taking a page out of Van Damme/Frank Dux’s playbook for his fight against Nate Diaz this weekend.

Now you’re going up against Nate Diaz, who is a tall, lanky guy for 155 and will have a considerable reach advantage against you.  How are you planning to deal with that?

Well I was going to start off with a groin strike.

Nice.  He won’t be expecting that.

Yeah, because then, his mindset will be totally changed.  It will completely take him out of his game.  And it’s not going to be like an inside leg kick that just slips up into his groin, either.  I’m going to do the splits and then just uppercut him.  Other than that, I can’t say too much about my approach, other than that everyone is going to be happy with my performance and how I go about it.

Not that I support shots to the nuts, but if anyone ever actually pulled that off, it would most certainly get my vote as the greatest single highlight in the history of mixed martial arts.