Tim SylviaTim Sylvia has seen better days. He’s lost four out his last five, which wouldn’t be so bad if the last one hadn’t been such an embarassing knockout loss to Ray Mercer. Basically, what I’m saying is, it’s pretty hard to fall any further than he already has.

Leave it to Sylvia to find a way though. Tim has decided he would like to beat up a few of his childhood bullies on Mayhem’s “Bully Beatdown.” No, seriously.

Sylvia (24-6) wants the show to let him face two of his childhood tormentors. He says he would donate the prize money to charity.

“I was bullied all through high school, where I was never a big guy. I grew and became a big guy. I still have a chip on my shoulder for all those assholes who picked on me and beat me up,” he told Fighters Only recently.

“If everything goes right, I will be on the second season of Bully Beatdown. What I want to pitch to them is, bring in one or two bullies that bullied me, and what I want to do is take the money – the ten or twenty thousand dollars you win – and donate it to charity, I don’t need it,” he revealed.

Look, I’m not suggesting Tim would lose to these “tormentors” (God I hope not), but isn’t it a little weird that a 33 year-old professional fighter still “has a chip on his shoulder” for the bullies who beat him up when he was a kid?

Seriously, let’s consider who these “bullies” probably are in 2009; thirty-something year-old men with good jobs and nice families who will probably think this is the most pathetic thing they’ve ever heard. How exactly is that getting sweet revenge? Being UFC Heavyweight Champion (as far-fetched as that sounds these days) was probably enough to settle that score, Tim. Hell, I bet they even cheered for you.

Anyways, point being, Tim’s not exactly doing himself any favors by following up one really bad career decision with another.

To be fair though, he at least says he’s “extremely embarrassed” about losing to Mercer and is “ready to fight,” possibly in Japan. Of course, I’d say that’s a much better plan if fighting in Japan didn’t open up a whole new world of different ways for Tim to embarrass himself even further.