Jose CansecoNow that all the dust has settled from Jose Canseco’s Super Hulk match against Hong Man Choi, I know you’re all dying to know, what’s next for the former slugger?

Well, lucky for you, I’ve got the answer. On July, 24, Canseco will look to rebound from the nail-biting Choi loss against another worthy opponent, a competitive eater.

So Jose Canseco and five-time Wing Bowl champion Bill “El Wingador” Simmons are set to fight July 24 in Damon Feldman’s Celebrity Boxing 10.

If Canseco were fighting that little Japanese dude that can scarf down 50 hot dogs in five minutes, then I’d say he’s screwed, but since he’s fighting the “El Wingador,” I don’t know man, I think it could either way.

Even if Canseco loses though, no need to start worrying about his future. He’s got it covered.

But in case you didn’t know, the Web site alerts us that Canseco is available to be paid for a far-ranging list of activities for which the only skill required is being Jose Canseco.

“Jose Canseco is now available for corporate event appearances, personal appearances, casino appearances, tradeshow appearances, corporate golf tournaments, sports camps, autograph signings, endorsement deals, television commercials, radio commercials, store grand openings, new product launch campaigns, spokesperson campaigns and speaking appearances.”

He’s also suing Major League Baseball for lost wages and defamation of character. Now, that’s a man who’s got his shit together.

Image via Sherdog