Eddie Alvarez at Bellator V

“This will be my best performance to date, I plan on going out and displaying every act of MMA, to show the viewers that don’t know what MMA is and don’t quite understand the sport…I want to display that Bellator fighting is here to stay and we’re going to put on exciting shows…I’m very self motivated, I’m very confident and I believe in my abilities to perform at a high level all the time…There’s no doubt in my mind that come June 19th that I’ll have my title and will continue to be a champion of Bellator,”

—Eddie Alvarez on his upcoming Bellator lightweight tournament finals bout this Friday night against Toby Imada.

In his post-fight interview following his win over Eric Reynolds, Eddie said he was going to go all out in the finals and put on an incredible show. He’s undoubtedly capable of it, but can he do it without getting caught in one of Toby Imada’s submissions? We’ll find out this weekend. It’s just too bad we won’t be able to see the fight when it actually happens.

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