Bas Rutten & Kimbo Slice

“I misjudged him, he turned into a whole different person. I told him a few weeks ago, I had a sit down with him. I told him that he was an asshole and that I have zero respect (for him] and I cant train people that I have no respect for. Can’t ever…He just turned into a different guy, he didn’t need to do the things that I told him to do. He wasn’t going to go to the ground, you know? The day before the [Petruzelli] fight, I told him I wanted to go over heel hooks and escapes, and he said “Nah, its not going to go to the ground…I said ‘Ha, I like that attitude – but what if it does go to the ground?’ but he said ‘Its not going to go’. So I said OK, but don’t let me tell you ‘I told you so’ if he snaps your fuckin’ leg in half. He said ‘I don’t know if that’s a good thing for you to be telling me mentally, before a fight’! I said ‘I don’t think its a good thing for you not to be doing what I tell you, before the fight…If they don’t do what I say, they are out. I am there for the best interests of the fighters, I want them to win. If they don’t accept that, bye bye.”

—Bas Rutten, via Fighters Only Mag, elaborating on his falling out with Kimbo Slice.

Can’t blame Bas for that. I was never a Kimbo fan, per se, but I was a supporter of him becoming a professional fighter as long as he was putting the work in like everyone else. That all came to a halt though the moment Petruzelli knocked Kimbo out and word spread that Bas had dropped him for not taking training seriously anymore. Kimbo seems to have learned from that mistake though trying to legitimize himself on The Ultimate Fighter. There’s even word he was training at Gracie Barra. We’ll see what happens, but I’m not sold yet that Kimbo’s in it for the long haul.

Kimbo was right about one thing though. The fight never went to the ground…he did.