Andrei ArlovskiWhen Andrei Arlovski lost to Brett Rogers last month, it looks like he also lost his six-seven figure meal ticket aboard the Affliction express.

Andrei Arlovski will not be offered a new contract by Affliction Entertainment following the expiry of his current deal, which ended with Arlovski’s fight against Brett Rogers on the June 6th Strikeforce show.

“His contract has expired and right now we have so many fighters under contract that we are just concentrating on working with them,” Affliction VP Tom Atencio told Fighters Only earlier.

Asked if they would be talking to Arlovski about a new contract he said “No, we are not looking at that right now.”

Probably a smart move on Affliction’s part at this point. Following two big KO losses, there really isn’t a whole Affliction can do with Arlovski right now, at least not at a price anywhere near what they were paying him on his original deal.

Arlovski shouldn’t have too much of a problem finding a home though provided he’s willing to take a pay cut back to reality. Strikeforce’s heavyweight division could definitely still use him, plus a rematch against Rogers would likely draw some interest considering Brett was the heavy underdog. Also, the UFC might take him back if they aren’t scared off by his two consecutive losses. Dana did say that Andrei was the one fighter he wishes they never lost. If not, there’s always boxing. Maybe his chin will hold up better against the larger gloves.

Tom also said Tim Sylvia still has a deal and will fight for Affliction again in the future despite the embarrassing loss to Ray Mercer. One fighter who Affliction doesn’t have plans to book though is Aleksander Emelianenko. Still no official word on his health, but he is apparently booked to fight Blagoi Ivanov, the man who beat his brother Fedor in Sambo last year, on Sept. 29 in Seoul, S. Korea.

Oh, and by the way, about that announcement Dana made at the TUF 9 Finale about Vitor Belfort...

“[White] did say something [about Belfort],” Atencio told about White’s recruiting tactics. “I’m talking to [Belfort’s] management, so we’re in negotiations. Where Dana came up with that, I don’t know. Maybe he’s just trying to stir the pot. That’s what he does and he does it well.”

Although Atencio was gracious as always throughout the interview, you did get a sense that he may have been a tad irked by the fact that White was trying to dip into Affliction’s talent pool.

The conversation even swayed towards other major sports, where if an owner openly discusses wanting a player under contract with an opposing team, that owner could be fined for tampering.

“Maybe he wants to get hit with a tampering charge,” Atencio jokingly told us about what he thought White’s motives were. “I just don’t know, I can’t speak for Dana. I’m sure he just wants to stir the pot, like I said.”