Cheick KongoCheick Kongo may have just been schooled on the ground for 12+ minutes against Cain Velasquez at UFC 99, but that doesn’t mean he has to worry about losing his job in the UFC. He has Brandon Vera type job security.

UFC president Dana White has confirmed France is on the list for the UFC’s mainland European expansion plans, and rejected suggestions that Cheick Kongo’s recent loss to Cain Velasquez will slow that process.

As the world’s leading French MMA fighter, Kongo would naturally be expected to feature strongly in the UFC’s first French event, ideally in a title match.

“Cheick Kongo lost nothing in my eyes. Its not like boxing, you lose in this sport. There are so many ways to win or lose, its how you win or lose,” the UFC president told European media recently.

“Cheick Kongo didn’t lose anything [in the fight against Velasquez]. Two big heavyweights went at it like they were 155lbs and I couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t slow us down going to France.”

Not to say that Kongo would have been cut otherwise, but for someone who has had a giant gaping hole in his game for quite awhile now, it’s always good to know your job is pretty much safe in the UFC. It’s just too bad Brazil wasn’t higher up Zuffa’s priority list for global expansion. If that were the case, maybe they wouldn’t have cut Fabricio Werdum after one freakin’ loss.

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