Michael Bisping

Fighters Only Mag’s Gary Alexander on Michael Bisping:

“He looks aggressive and doesn’t seem to have any worries. He is very confident and says he is fearless of Henderson. Bisping says its the best training camp he has ever had and feels that all is well. He feels he is peaking at the right time.”

Phil Baroni on Bisping:

“The guy’s a lot better than I thought. I wrestled and rolled with him, and he’s hard as f— to take down, hard to hold down. He’s a lot stronger than he looks. He looks good, fit, but he’s strong. He’s fast, he’s an athlete. He’s a f—king good athlete. That’s the most surprising thing.”

“Coming in, I know how tough Dan (Henderson) is. I fought alongside him in Pride and I didn’t know … now I’m confident in Mike. Sparring and wrestling with him has made me confident.”

I rarely check out the various forums, so maybe this isn’t an accurate reflection of the community as a whole, but most comments I’ve seen thus far on the Bisping-Henderson fight have favored Hendo winning handily. That’s pretty much what I thought since the fight was announced, but perhaps we’re underestimating Bisping in this one. I’m still picking Hendo, but I’m starting to get the feeling this one’s going to be a lot closer than I previously thought.