Lee MurrayRemember the report about bank heist extraordinaire Lee Murray planning a prison break a few weeks ago? Well, as it turns out, he didn’t even need to try because the Moroccan Supreme Court has released him. Lee Murray is a free man.

Lee Murray, the MMA star accused of masterminding the biggest cash robbery in history, has been released from a Moroccan prison cell to freedom, his lawyers in Morocco and London said Wednesday.

The surprise move came after a hearing before the Moroccan Supreme Court in which a panel of judges upheld Murray’s claim that he is a citizen of the North African nation. British prosecutors were trying to extradite the fighter on charges that he masterminded the Feb. 22, 2006 robbery of a cash warehouse on the outskirts of London, making off with a record $92 million in cash.

“I spoke to him last night and he didn’t even know that he was going for a hearing on the extradition,” Parker told The Magazine on Wednesday. “It was a complete surprise. When he arrived to court, they told him, ‘You’re a Moroccan citizen. You can go.’ “

The way I understand it, as long as Murray stays in Morocco, he not only pulled off the biggest bank heist in UK history, he got away with it too since British officials can’t come into Morocco, apprehend him, and bring him back to face charges.

According to the report, $40 million of the $92 million that was stolen is still missing. Gotta wonder if Murray will risk going after it if it’s hidden somewhere outside Morocco? I don’t know, but considering everything I’ve heard about the guy, I’d say that answer is a resounding yes.

As for Murray’s future, he apparently wants to fight again. Don’t get your hopes up for a return to the Octagon though. According to his lawyer, he’s been training in prison and has “every intention of fighting again,” but it will have to happen in Morocco since Murray can’t go to the UK or the US.

Update: Scratch that part about Murray being free and getting away with the heist. According to MMA Fanhouse, shorty after his release Moroccan authorities rearrested Murray, and now he will be tried for the bank robberycharges in Morocco instead of the UK.  If convicted he will be sentenced under Morracan law. Now might be a good time for Murray to start thinking about a better plan than hiding saws in biscuits. It sounds like he might be going to prison for the long haul this time.