Kevin Randleman

Kevin Randleman is freakin’ pissed that Mauro Ranallo and Frank Shamrock said he gassed during the Mike Whitehead fight. Here’s what he told (via TheGarv) when asked about it.

What the fuck do they know? I will drop down to 185 pounds and put a hurting on Frank Shamrock….for fucking free! I can’t stand to hear him speak, has he not seen my resume? I come to a fight to bang. Gassed? Hell no it is called ring rust and if that was not the case why was the third round my best of the fight. I’m pretty sure that Frank would not have much to say if he got in the ring with me and I punched him in his face. I could hear a lot of what they were saying during the fight when we were on the ground near where they were doing their little announcing. The difference between me and those two is that I know there is still a lot more that I need to learn. I know that I still have the ability at my age to be the best and that’s a lot more than I can say for Mr. Shamrock. So if he has anything else to say I am sure that he can talk to the promoters and make the fight happen. As far as Mauro goes, if I want to know when the Boston Tea Party took place then I’ll ask him. Otherwise he can just STFU.

Randleman has quite the temper, doesn’t he? I gotta give him props on the Boston Tea Party comment though, that was pretty funny.

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