Forrest Griffin Before & After

“If you ask, I’m going to be honest. I try to tell the truth and use a little humor to talk about how I really feel. Like if I think you’re a [expletive] idiot, I’ll try to tell you in a funny way. I’m kind of kidding, but there’s also some truth to it…I’m probably going to get hurt, if not die. [Anderson] knows how to fight. The good news is, if I die, this book will sell a lot more copies and be worth more.”

—Forrest Griffin “kind of kidding” with the Fresno Bee (via MMA Mania) about his upcoming fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 101.

Forrest also has a piece of advice for anyone who wants to become an elite mixed martial artist but hasn’t been training since they were 15. Don’t, don’t even try…become a male prostitute instead.

Of course, he was “kind of kidding” about that too.