All the craziness that Dana White is undoubtedly dealing with in preparation for UFC 100 must be scrambling his brain. Not so much for the meeting he’s having with Chuck Liddell this week about his future (he’s more than likely coming back, writing has been on the wall for weeks), but for what he said about Cro Cop and Vitor Belfort in this radio interview with Cofield & Cokin on ESPN1100Radio.

We all pretty much assumed Cro Cop would never be invited back to compete in the Octagon after he reportedly reneged on his verbal agreement with Dana to sign with DREAM. Well, maybe that story isn’t quite over yet. Cofield asked Dana if he was just going to let the whole Cro Cop thing die, and instead of throwing out a bunch of f-bombs and saying you’ll never see Mirko in the UFC again, Dana said, “…we’ll see what happens, he hasn’t fought in Japan yet…” By the way, Cro Cop likely isn’t fighting Mighty Mo at DREAM.10 anymore since he was apparently hospitalized for salmonella poisoning.

As for Vitor Belfort, Dana apparently has one hell of a case of selective amnesia. That “Inside the Octagon” segment that aired during the TUF 9 Finale where he said he was working on signing Vitor? Yeah, he doesn’t remember it. In fact, now Dana says Vitor is under contract with someone else and has “no interest” in him.

Dana did confirm they were working on Roger Huerta vs Gray Maynard for UFC Fight Night 19 on Sept. 16.