Kenny Florian

“That’s a fight I’ve wanted for a long time now. [Diego Sanchez] should definitely be careful what he wishes for. If he thinks the same thing is going to happen, or I’m the same fighter at the same experience level, he’s going to be in for a surprise. I think he’s going to be saying, ’Yes, yes, yes’ on the way into the ring and, ’No, no, no’ on the way out of the ring if he faces me.”

—Kenny Florian, via the Boston Herald, responding to Diego Sanchez’s claims that he’s the number one contender in the UFC’s lightweight division, not Kenny.

With Diego Sanchez presumably in the title mix, we’re almost guaranteed two really exciting lightweight title fights before year’s end. That’s unless of course BJ Penn wins and holds the belt hostage because he wants a rematch with Lyoto Machida at 205 instead. Yeah, that would suck, but sadly not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

Image courtesy of Tip via MMA Mania.

Update: Kevin Iole confirms that Diego Sanchez will get the Penn-Florian winner.

Diego will get the next title shot against the winner of the B.J. Penn-Kenny Florian fight at UFC 101 on Aug. 8 in Philadelphia. While I agree with you that Maynard is deserving, Sanchez is a former “Ultimate Fighter” winner and is 10-2 in the UFC, not counting his wins on TUF 1. While I wouldn’t be opposed to having Maynard and Sanchez fight and seeing that winner get the title shot, I believe Sanchez has won enough fights and waited a long enough time to deserve the next chance.