Here’s Tito Ortiz again talking about signing with Strikeforce, fighting Babalu, Fedor, not returning to the UFC etc. He also claims he’s starting his own promotion with Strikeforce called “Punishment Fighting Championships.” And moving on…

Takanori Gomi has been generating a little buzz lately. Reports had him signing with Affliction, then not signing with Affliction, and now Tom Atencio says he’s very close to finalizing a deal with him. However, Nightmare of Battle tells us he’s also negotiating with Strikeforce, but talks aren’t really going all that well.

The reason that the negotiations with Strikeforce and Affliction are quite rough going right now is because of the fight money. It seems like there is a gap between the money that Gomi’s side wants and what the organizations are offering.

Dana White and Gomi’s side were having developments the year before last also, but they couldn’t get to an agreement because of money either.

It seems that Strikeforce’s offer with a win bonus, a title challenge, Showtime (tv, sponsors, etc.) is the best. However, because of the base pay they haven’t come to an agreement yet. If Gomi signs with Strikeforce, he will probably have his first fight on their August 15th or September events.

Basically, a mediocre Gomi isn’t worth as much in the US as his people think he is.