A lot of people are questioning why Bobby Lashley’s not trying to fight in the UFC, Strikeforce or Affliction yet. As Lashley himself puts it, the answer’s pretty simple. When he makes the move to one of the big organizations he wants to already be on top. Instead of growing as a fighter on the big stage for the world to see, he wants to do it in the smaller shows so when he is ready to face the sport’s elite heavyweights, he can jump right into the big organizations (with the bargaining power) and fight them right away. As he puts it, he wants people to be talking about him fighting in the UFC like they are with Fedor. In terms of long-term success, that’s probably the right move, but he is 32-years old so the clock is ticking. I’m betting we see him in either Strikeforce by summer of 2010 or the UFC by the end of 2010, assuming he continues to win and improve of course.

Bobby’s next fight is currently penciled in for September for one of the promoters who put on Ultimate Chaos.

HT: ProMMARadio via CageWriter