Frank Mir is taking a unique approach in his training for Brock Lesnar. Instead of training with guys Brock’s size, he’s spending a great deal of time sparring with small faster training partners such as Forrest Griffin.

“Honestly, I think big guys are easier to fight. They don’t move as fast, they get tired quickly and they’re not as technical…If I want to sharpen my tools I have to work with somebody who’s not a sitting target like Forrest. Who moves around a lot, he’s extremely conditioned. He’s fast and can throw 300 punches compared to 30 punches a round. Forrest is my worst nightmare. Basically you have to go for broke and knock him out, and if you don’t he’s still going to be standing there coming after you.”

Interesting theory Frank has there. Makes sense if he was fighting someone like Bob Sapp, but he’s not. He’s fighting Brock Lesnar who’s extremely fast and explosive for his size, if not more so than Mir himself. We’ll see how it plays out on July 11, but if Mir wins this fight, I doubt he does it any other way than submitting him from his back.

Frank hits the pads after the jump.