Vitor Belfort

“Anderson is a great friend of mine and a big champion but I’m looking for this…I cannot comment much on this right now but yeah, I always want to fight the best fighters. Of course it won’t be a pleasure [being Silva’s friend] but there isn’t another way at all in the sport. Kaka and Ronaldinho (Brazilian soccer players) are friends and have faced each other many times. It is part of my work and I need it to afford milk to the children at home…UFC is the most recognizable event and I’m doing my job to go back. Being recognized there again is my biggest dream right now. I’m on the right way either for the results in the ring or to the life. I’m an eternal warrior.”

—Vitor Belfort, via UOL Esporte, commenting on all the talk about him returning to the Octagon following his last Affliction fight at “Trilogy.”

Dana White may deny he ever said he was working on signing Vitor Belfort (even though he obviously did…to millions of people), but it’s pretty clear Vitor wants to fight for him. Personally, I think all this talk of fighting Anderson is a little premature, let’s see how he does against Jorge Santiago first, but the thought of him returning to the UFC is definitely exciting. Following Santiago, Affliction doesn’t have much to offer him in terms of competition, so unless they make him an offer he can’t refuse, there’s really no other reason for him to stay. Belfort in Strikeforce could be interesting, but not nearly as intriguing as a reinvigorated Vitor back in the UFC. Here’s to hoping it happens.

Image courtesy of Translation via Fighters Only