EA Sports MMA LogoI hate to post anything that originates on a message board, but apparently the source is legit and Ken Pavia confirmed it, so here it goes…

According to user Golden Boy on the UG, the UFC is threatening to forever ban any fighters who sign to be in EA Sports MMA.

I hear that all mma managers were informed that if any of their clients not currently under contract with the UFC….. sign to be a part of the EA game…….the will forever be banned for fighting in the UFC.

MMA agent Ken Pavia:

It’s true.  And they told me want the word out.

At this point, this is just a rumor, but if Pavia’s right, it sounds like we’ll be hearing confirmation soon.

If it is, are you kidding me? So now you have a bunch of fighters who have the opportunity to make some extra money, but if they have any desire to fight in the UFC one day, they have to turn it down so the UFC can dominate the video game market too? If there’s a fighter who’s tearing it up outside the UFC and can help make them money, they’re just going to turn him/her away? And what about Randy Couture who already signed a deal with EA?

C’mon. This has bluff written all over it. And I can’t wait to see who calls them on it.

By the way, this comes a week after the story of the UFC banning a bunch of sponsors and charging the remaining ones $100,000 just for the right to sponsor a fighter. MMAPayout just added Hayabusa to list and has a excellent recap of exactly what’s going down behind closed Zuffa doors.