Dan Henderson

“[Bisping’s] an all right guy, but he’s not somebody I’d choose to hang out with, really, just because he’s a little too arrogant and full of himself, and he is a bit of a douchebag. The funniest thing is, before that episode aired, everybody was saying, ‘hey, will you please beat up Michael Bisping for me, he’s a douchebag,’ and I would just chuckle, because I felt the same way. I think a lot of people have the same feeling after watching him on that show…Everybody I talk to basically tells me to beat him up for them. It’s a very common request. Most of the time before my fights, they just say ‘good luck’ and ‘have a nice fight,’ and ‘hope you do well’ — wishing me good luck, not my opponent to lose…In my mind if I don’t have a title fight after this fight, I’ll probably want to fight one of the top contenders at 205 … This would be three wins in a row, and I feel like I would be due, and if they don’t give that to me, I’ll go back up to 205.”

—Dan Henderson on ProMMARadio (via MMA Mania) calling Michael Bisping a “douchebag” and saying he’ll move back to light heavyweight if a win on July 11 doesn’t earn him another crack at Anderson Silva.

With all the different comments and rumors we’ve about the next middleweight title challenger, it’s hard to tell who will get the nod. Bisping seems as close to a lock there is if he wins, but if not, you have Henderson, the Maia/Marquardt winner, maybe (but probably not) Yushin Okami, and possibly even Vitor Belfort in the mix. Hendo’s first encounter with Anderson didn’t draw much interest outside the hardcore fan base, not to mention the fact that he lost pretty decisively, so he’s probably not at the top of Zuffa’s wish list.

Image courtesy of CombatLifestyle.com