Tito Ortiz, Tom Atencio & Fedor EmelianenkoSo, Tito Ortiz claims he’s close to signing with Strikeforce…again. Why am I even bothering with this? I honestly don’t have a good answer, but Tito says after all these years, his back is finally 100%, so who knows, maybe he’s actually serious this time.

“My doctor just released me. I feel great. My cardio is great. I’m excited to get back in there. I’m 100-percent, no more pain running down my back.”

“I’m in negotiations right now with Strikeforce and working with CBS and Showtime, so all three of us are going back and forth to make a contract that makes sense to me…Hopefully by October I’ll be competing. We’re finishing the contract I’d say with CBS, Showtime, and Strikeforce and making a deal that UFC can’t match.”

In case you missed it, Tito also recently said he’s been working with Strikeforce on starting the “Punishment Fighting Championships,” an organization he would not only promote, but would also compete in. Not buying it? Yeah, neither is Strikeforce executive Mike Afromowitz who says he knows nothing about it.

But if by some miracle what he’s says above actually happens, here’s what you can expect from him in the coming year.

“I feel sorry for the person they have me fight, but I do need one warm-up fight. I managed to come off a huge back surgery. It’s been a year since I’ve competed. I think one warm-up fight to get things going.”

“After that, I don’t want no more warm-up fights. I’m hoping by my fourth fight, possibly fight Fedor Emelianenko at a catchweight. That’d be something that I’m looking forward to possibly by the middle of next year.”

Pretty reasonable plan right up until that last part.