Kenny Florian At Tri-Star Gym With GSP

“I’ve trained with him two times and he looked really sharp. I put my money on him against B.J. Penn…Kenny Florian is a great training partner, and is going to be a great champion, and he’s also a greater person and human being (than B.J. Penn)…A lot of things, but they are part of his gameplan so I can’t talk too much about it…It basically consists of using his strength and putting it against his opponent’s weaknesses.”

—Georges St. Pierre, via MMA Weekly, picking Kenny Florian to beat his former foe BJ Penn at UFC 101.

GSP’s too classy to come out and say how he really feels about BJ Penn and how he handled the whole “GreaseGate” controversy, but I think it’s safe to say he won’t be sending him a Xmas card this year.