We’ve all seen the numerous interviews Frank Mir has done talking about how his striking has improved leaps and bounds and how Brock won’t be able to keep up with him. Well, what about Brock’s striking? Check out the video above and you’ll see Mir isn’t the only one who’s been hard at work improving his technique. Now, I’m not suggesting Brock has become a world class striker by any stretch of the imagination, but put a little technique behind his speed and power and one decent shot is all it could take. I don’t know man, I’m thinking Mir might want to reconsider striking with him and find a way to get Brock on the ground even if it means being on his back.

Footage of Brock pulling off submissions, pounding poor training partners from their back, breaking down doors and even landing a body kick after the jump.

HT: Death Clutch via Bloody Elbow