The biggest question at UFC 100 isn’t whether Frank Mir can beat Brock Lesnar again or if Thiago Alves will knock out GSP. UFC 100’s burning question is, will Bruce Buffer do the Buffer 360?

“What you see is just how I feel. If I pull a 360 … it’s about whether it’s right to do it at that moment. I will never disgrace the sacred ground of the octagon. I will only do what I feel is right to enhance that moment at hand…I can’t say yes or no. I can just say it will or will not happen…If it does happen, it won’t happen during the prelims or at the beginning of the pay-per-view (broadcast). It’s only going to happen during the main event.”

If Buffer pulls it off and the crowd does the “Fedor Chant,” don’t be surprised come Monday if there’s a looping video of it playing on the homepage.

Video via & CageWriter