Lesnar Confronts Mir After Beating Him Into A Bloody MessThe biggest story coming out of UFC 100 is Brock Lesnar’s post-fight antics and comments. Immediately following his vicious ground n’ pound victory over Frank Mir, he got right up in Frank’s bloody face and asked where all the trash talking was now. Heavy boos rained downed from the prompting Brock to give everyone a middle finger salute Nick Diaz would have been proud of. And he didn’t stop there. Rogan puts the mic in front of him and this is what he says.

“Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass and I told him that a year ago. I pulled that [expletive] down and I beat him up. Whooo!…I’m going to go home tonight and drink a Coors Light because Bud Light won’t pay me. I’m going to sit down with my friends and family and hell, I might even get on top of my wife tonight.”

Apparently, Brock’s antics didn’t sit well with Dana White though (most likely because of the Bud Light remark), so after the fight he pulled Brock aside and had a talk with him.

“I was blown away. I don’t think in the history of the UFC we’ve had anybody do that. It’s not who we are, and, to be honest, it’s not who he is. You hang with these guys personally, and you get to know them. If he was a dick, I’d tell you right now this guy is a psycho and I don’t know what I’m going to do with him. He’s not. He’s a smart guy. The sponsorship thing was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Kind of funny coming from Dana who’s been known to lose his cool and shoot his mouth off, but whatever, moving on.

“Brock went so far over the top, I can’t even put it into words. WWE — that’s what it is. We had a talk. We talked like men, and he said he was sorry. He said, ‘I’m embarrassed by what I said.’ I take his word for it this time.”

Brock went on to apologize for his actions in the post-fight press conference and on the ESPN MMA Live post-fight show.

First and foremost, I want to apologize. I acted very unprofessionally and I’ll leave it at that.

I’m a sore loser, OK? I don’t like to get beat. I believe that Frank and I’s first bout, I gave that fight to him. And so there was a lot of emotion in this fight for me. …

I went in the entertainment business for awhile, and I guess there’s a little bit of still that (in me). You guys ask me all the time, is there anything I can drag in from WWE? And I guess you’ve seen a little bit tonight.

I apologize to Bud Light. I’m not biased. I drink any beer. Tonight, I’m drinking Bud Light all night.

Man, I was so jacked up. I’m used to selling pay-per-view tickets, OK? I come from a business that is purely entertainment. … Dana came back, and we had our whip the dog session, and I screwed up, and I apologize.

So the question is, did Brock’s post-fight antics cross the line? Did he give MMA or just Frank Mir a black eye last night?

Personally, I’m not all that upset about it. The Bud Light comment wasn’t cool, and if I were running the UFC, yeah, I’d be pretty pissed off about that. Everything else though, nah, not really. I’m not gonna lie, after the Heath Herring fight, I was breathing fire. His antics then struck a chord with me, but this time, I suppose I just expected it.

Look, the casual mainstream audience needs someone to hate as much as they love. We’re attracted to it, and Brock Lesnar fits that role perfectly. He’s the ultimate heel. There will be a lot of debate in the next week or so about whether this was “bad for the sport.” Honestly, I don’t see how. It’s not any worse than Tyson talking about eating his children, baseball players throwing bats at pitchers, football players pulling out a freakin’ cellphone after scoring a touchdown, or basketball players getting into brawls with fans. It’s sports, there’s a lot of emotion, it’s one of the biggest reasons why we watch. And at the end of the day, whether we like it or not, Brock’s not going anywhere. He’s as close to a money printing machine as it gets for a MMA promoter and that trumps all. So instead of condemning it, I say embrace it, because when Brock does get beat down (he’s not invincible), it will only be that much sweeter.