Dan Henderson Knocks Out Michael Bisping At UFC 100

“I believe I’ve shut [Michael Bisping] up for a little while, but I don’t know if he’ll ever shut his mouth completely…He circles to the right in every fight, I’ve been watching him. He tended to circle out to my right hand — I didn’t think that’d be a smart thing to do against me…Normally I’m not that way in fights…I know if the guy’s out, I tend to stop. I hit him hard but I got that last blow in just to shut him up a little bit…I’ll do whatever the UFC want me to do but I believe I’ve earned the right to face [Anderson Silva] again after winning my last three fights.”

—Dan Henderson in his UFC 100 post-fight interview with Joe Rogan commenting on the fight and proclaiming he deserves another crack at Anderson Silva’s middleweight title

What do you guys think? Since he knew Bisping was out, was Henderson out of line for landing that final blow? Was the knockout and third straight win enough to earn him another crack at Anderson Silva, or do you need to wait and see what happens with the Maia-Marquardt fight and Vitor Belfort first?