Dana White

“Some sneaky, bad [expletive] goes on with the fight guys in Japan all the time, and I think that’s what happened there. The day of the fight – the day ‘Cro Cop’ is fighting for me. How dirty is that? Tell me that’s not dirty. And it wasn’t true. They do that [expletive] all the time, man…Here’s what’s sad. There’s a huge fight market in Japan. There are fans over there who want this, but there’s some shady [expletive] people over there that keep it from happening. They know who they are, and they don’t want the UFC to come to Japan, and that’s a fact…They’re going to have to kill me. That’s where they’re going to have to do. We’re coming there no matter what. We’re coming there. We’re going to break through this thing. We’re going to get past these dirty, sneaky, bad guys in Japan, and we’re going to make it happen…If I don’t get killed over in Japan, I’ll be [expletive] amazed when I go ever there. I’ll be amazed.”

—Dana White proclaiming his willingness to take one for the team if that’s what it takes for the UFC to find success in Japan

In case you missed it with all the UFC 100 hoopla this past weekend, Cro Cop has in fact signed a three-fight deal with the UFC. Remember how DREAM said they had signed Cro Cop to a deal immediately following UFC 99? Yeah, well, they were lying. According to Dana, in addition to the fault he’s obviously placed on the Japanese fight promoters, he also blames Cro Cop’s manager, Ken Imai, for the post-UFC 99 fiasco. Dana says he has no problem with Mirko.

Image via Sherdog.com