Georges St. Pierre UFC Welterweight ChampionNow that GSP has dispatched Thiago Alves with relative ease, the big question is, who’s next?

Unfortunately, besides a superfight with Anderson Silva which appears to be a long ways off at best, there really isn’t another compelling match-up for GSP at the moment. Nevertheless, he has to defend his title against someone, and it appears that someone will be the winner of the Swick-Kampmann fight at UFC 103.

A UFC 103 welterweight bout between veterans Martin Kampmann (15-2 MMA, 6-1 UFC) and Mike Swick (14-2 MMA, 9-1 UFC) will, in fact, determine a No. 1 contender to challenge for UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre’s championship belt.

During this past Saturday’s, July 11, UFC 100 pay-per-view event, broadcaster Joe Rogan said he was informed by UFC Vice President of Fighter Relations Joe Silva that the Sept. 19 fight could be a No. 1 contender’s bout.

Sources close to the fight have since confirmed to ( the winner will be assured a title shot.

Woo-hoo! Not. As much as we love to see Georges St. Pierre dominate everyone that’s put in front of him, the unfortunate downside is now that he’s defeated everyone who was considered to be a legitimate threat, it’s hard to get excited to see him fight the guys who aren’t. Now, no offense to Mike Swick or Martin Kampmann, but I really can’t imagine them succeeding where so many others have failed. GSP’s going to take them down at will and punish them until the fight’s over. I suppose there’s always a chance for a Serra-esque upset, but that alone isn’t enough to get me excited. Personally, I’d rather see how he’d fare in the middleweight division.

Speaking of St. Pierre, there’s a possibility he could be out of action until 2010, so if nothing else, the timing works out. Word on the street is his pulled groin may be a little worse than the variety that heals up in a week or two. Iole’s hearing it may even require surgery.

Meanwhile, Jake Shields, who’s been thought of as a worthy challenger for GSP (more so before GSP destroyed Penn and Alves), will be fighting for the Strikeforce Interim Middleweight Championship in October. He doesn’t have an opponent yet, but it sure would be nice if Cung Le came back. Then they could drop the “interim” label and we could have ourselves a real title fight.