I do my best to avoid anything Kit Cope related. This interview is pretty much why. First, he insinuates he has a sex tape of his ex, Gina Carano, who he says pales in comparison to other girls he has “smashed” (there’s a site dedicated to guys like this). Then, he goes on to say Gina’s going to lose if she keeps training at the “overrated” Xtreme Couture gym with trainers like Shawn Tompkins who only know how to work someone out, not teach technique. Instead, she should come back to train with him. Spare me.

Obviously, this didn’t sit well with Shawn Tompkins. He’s issued his response and lets just say he didn’t pull any punches. That interview after the jump.

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Update: Kit Cope says he was joking about the sex tape, and only said Gina should come back to train with Master Chan, her former Muay Thai coach. Also says he complimented the Xtreme Couture fighters and has no problem with them. He does however have a problem with Shawn Tompkins response.

“The only beef that I have now is that Shawn’s being a douchebag,” Cope said. “Shawn’s being a [expletive] about all of this. All I said was that I didn’t believe in your skills. Neither did Wanderlei. It’s OK.

“Hopefully I can work them out with Shawn, too,” Cope said. “Not in a gentlemanly way.”