Let’s pretend for a moment that the sky falls and the UFC signs Fedor. Booking Fedor vs. Lesnar immediately is a no-brainer, right? Well, not if there’s already an agreement in place that says Randy Couture gets to fight Fedor first, which he alludes to in this interview.

“Not only do I think I deserve a shot at him, it kind of part of the agreement in settling our differences in coming back to the UFC, is they were going to be dilligent about trying to find a way to make that fight happen.”

For Randy’s sake, I hope he got that in writing because I’m pretty sure Fedor vs. Randy isn’t the fight the UFC wants to promote at the moment. Unfortunately for Couture, when he lost to Lesnar, pretty much every fan lost their burning desire to see if “Captain America” could dethrone “The Last Emperor.” I wouldn’t mind seeing it, but not before Fedor fights Lesnar.