Michael Bisping

“I am gonna kick someone’s backside in Manchester in front of my hometown crowd, then fight again as soon as possible and then rematch with Henderson. That wasn’t the best of me in the ring in Vegas and I want another crack at him…I want a top fighter in Manchester, I want to get back up there straight away. That’s what I have told the UFC. I can’t wait to fight in Manchester again, it will be good to fight in front of my own supporters again.”

—Michael Bisping telling the Manchester Evening News, via Fighters Only, that he wants a rematch against Dan Henderson after beating someone down in Manchester

Hmmm…anyone interested in Henderson-Bisping 2? Anyone?

Moving on, since it’s pretty much a lock that Bisping will be fighting at UFC 105 in Manchester, anyone have any suggestions on the “top fighter” Bisping should face? CagePotato’s thinking Yoshihiro Akiyama, but I’m afraid he’d end up losing that one which the UFC could be thinking too. It’s a tough one. If you’re Joe Silva, do you throw him back to the wolves knowing he may very well get eaten again or do give him an easier match-up to rebuild him in front of his hometown crowd?