Kimo Leopoldo

Kimo Leopoldo’s manager, Brian Stebbins, was on MMA Junkie radio today to talk about yesterday’s ridiculous events. He denied that Kimo or any of his representatives were involved with the prank, and said they’re trying to take legal action against the forum poster who started the rumor.

“Plain and simple, you can go to and see all the posts. You can see the posts from the original people and the original guy who started it. That gentleman was banned (from the site). We’re trying to summons his name so we can sue him. We’re not taking this lightly…We have nothing to hide…We can point anyone to where this started…Those posts did not come from anyone in our camp…I didn’t get to see Kimo face to face till 3:30 or 4 (p.m. PT). I didn’t want to say, ‘Yes, Kimo is alive,’ until I physically saw Kimo face to face. … It’s impossible to know who to trust. … Personally, I wasn’t going to say he was alive until I saw him in person and knew for myself.”

Unless they’re really warranted I’m typically not a fan of lawsuits, but in this case, even if Kimo takes the scumbag for everything’s he worth, you won’t find a ounce of sympathy for the guy coming from me.

Update: Apparently Kimo prefers handling it “old school style.”

MMAWeekly: When you pinpointed the source of the rumor…
Leopoldo: We never did.
MMAWeekly: I assumed you did given the desire to pursue legal action against the party.
Leopoldo: I mean, I’d rather handle it in the ring, or outside of the ring, old-school style, but that ain’t gonna happen.

Works for me. Sounds like there’s also a possibility they may take legal action against the media outlets that reported the story.

MMAWeekly: Have you or Brandt asked for a retraction from the media outlets who reported the death?
Brandt Stebbins: At this time, we’re doing an investigation and leaving that up to our attorneys.
Leopoldo: It’s kind of like when they report it in the beginning, it gets so much attention, that when they retract it, it doesn’t have the same impact as the first one does. I almost want to say it’s a waste of time, but it still is a nice gesture. It doesn’t have as much of an initial shock as hearing ‘Kimo’s dead. That starts rumors, and it spreads like gasoline on a fire.