Wanderlei SilvaIf you enjoyed watching Michael Bisping get knocked out at UFC 100, today’s your lucky day, because you just might get to see it happen again in November.

According to MMA Junkie, the UFC is currently putting together a fight between Michael Bisping and Wanderlei Silva to headline UFC 105 in Manchester, England.

Wanderlei Silva’s (32-10-1 MMA, 2-5 UFC) first contest in the middleweight division will likely take place at UFC 105 in November.

MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) has learned from sources close to the event that Silva is currently in negotiations to face Michael Bisping (17-2 MMA, 7-2 UFC) in the main event of the Spike TV-broadcast event. While bout agreements have not yet been distributed, company officials are hoping to officially announce the contest as soon as next week.

Looks like Bisping is getting what he asked for. He wanted a tough opponent, and he’s certainly getting one. Wanderlei’s better days may be behind him, but as he showed against Rich Franklin he’s got plenty of fight left in him.

I see this fight going one of two ways. Wanderlei has slowed a bit since his PRIDE days, so Bisping should have the speed advantage. I could see him using that to outpoint Wanderlei for a decision win. Of course, I could also see Bisping getting his freakin’ head knocked off.

There’s also a few questions to ask here. How will Bisping come back from his first career knockout? Will he be gun shy? And how will Wanderlei’s body react to the weight cut? There were rumors he had a tough time with the cut to 195 and I thought he looked a little sluggish against Rich. All in all, I think those questions and their styles make for a pretty compelling fight.


Update: Or maybe it’s not in the works.

[Wanderlei’s manager] contacted the Fighters Only Las Vegas office today with an official statement on the matter in which he said “the rumors about Wanderlei fighting Michael Bisping at UFC 105 in Manchester or at any point are simply that, rumors.”

“For some publication to say they have been given an exclusive statement on this from Team Wand is not truthful,” he added in a swipe at the blog that reported the fight earlier today claiming to have heard it from a member of Wanderlei‘s team.

“This fight has not been discussed or offered to us by the UFC. Wand’s preference is to fight in February. He wants to take time off to heal his body and mind, and with his new gym in Las Vegas, he has business affairs and a growing team to attend to.”

For the record, the site his manager is talking about is MMA Bay. They published the report before MMA Junkie, but I chose not to post on it until someone with a better track record like MMA Junkie did. Of course, they can be wrong every once in a while too, although it’s pretty rare. According to the Fighters Only report, the UFC UK really wants the fight, so that may be where they’re getting their info from. Just sounds like the UFC hadn’t run it by Wanderlei yet.