Vitor Belfort’s camp is gung-ho on him fighting Fedor. His trainer, Shawn Tompkins says it’s no-lose situation for Vitor, and he has the boxing and speed to take Fedor out.

“The chink that’s in Fedor’s armor is what Vitor’s best at, that’s boxing and speed. It’s a game that we’d love to play.”

“Whether Fedor believes it or not, he doesn’t deal well with speed and he doesn’t deal well with getting hit. He has to shuck the punch off before he comes back with his own. He moves well, he’s very balanced but he doesn’t move quick. It’s going to be hard for him to keep up with Vitor’s pace.”

But what happens the moment Fedor gets his hands on him? Fedor’s going to dump him on his head and beat him senseless, which is why I have a hard time getting excited for this fight.

Nevertheless, while it may be a no-lose situation for Vitor (especially with the money Affliction would be paying him), it’s absolutely a no-win situation for Fedor. If he wins, he’s giving people like Dana White who say he hasn’t fought any top competition in five years more ammunition, and if he loses, he just lost to a middleweight which would obviously be a huge blow to his career, reputation and bargaining power. It’s a bad fight to take, and considering that the fight hasn’t been announced yet, M-1 might be thinking the same thing. They already made it clear they weren’t too crazy about it.