Rampage Jackson

Now this punk ass dude named King Mo is all butthurt because I don’t know who the hell he is. Straight up, if you’re not one of my friends or fighting one of my friends or a potential later opponent, I might not get a chance to watch your fight. So I didn’t know who the hell King Mo was & now he crying like a little girl saying that he met me a long time ago when I was fighting at KOTC & he said I shined him cause I was talking to four people when he introduced himself. Now this guy running his mouth, but if I was him, I would shut the hell up cause he seriously don’t want none…if you’re a up & coming fighter, don’t assume that I know you or seen you fight. Let me know that you’re a fighter so we won’t have the same problems like King Mo over here. Cause King Mo would be half cool if he didn’t have those gay ass nipple rings & didn’t talk so much!

—’Rampage’ Jackson, via Fighthype, commenting on his feud with ‘King Mo’ Lawal that started over UFC 100 weekend on the way to the UFC Fan Expo

It doesn’t look like this rivalry is going to go away quietly. Who knows, this may turn into a case study on how to get into the UFC quicker than you would have otherwise. Just start a public feud with one its stars.

Update: King Mo is responding…everywhere.

“Dont worry about me…..You need to focus on Rashad Evans.  I aint gon waste no time with your ignorance. Keep on puttin on your routine and your corny over used punchlines….Our time for battle will come,” Lawal wrote on The Underground forum over the weekend.

“You have your hands full with the former champ….I aint tryna be known for arguin with you. I feel bad for you cuz you playin yourself….You’ll see what Im talkin bout when your career end. Its a shame.”

Here’s King Mo talking to Cagewriter about it, and here’s him bringing race into it (at the bottom).