Fedor Training in Russia
For the right price a lot guys wanted to be the dude on the bottom Saturday night

There was a time when where and how Fedor Emelianenko trained was pretty much a mystery. All we knew was Fedor went into hiding for a couple months in a secluded location in Russia and showed up on fight day ready to blast someone. All we had to go on was our imaginations and often times that led to scenarios with Fedor armbarring grizzly bears in a dark Russian forest. Of course, reality is never quite as cool as the fantasy we drum up in our heads. Thanks to M-1 Global, we now know that instead of a dark forest covered with a thick fog, Fedor trains on a kids’ playground and an old building with 50 year-old mats. I guess we should have known better.

More pics at M-1Global.com via Fightlinker. Videos at YouTube