Forrest Griffin

“I want my foot outside of his foot. There’s a straight left coming. There’s a kick coming. Where’s the fence? Is he high, is he open for a takedown? Find your distance…He’s gonna hit you. You’re gonna miss him, and he’s going to hit you again. But you’ve got to keep pressure, keep moving. Once you close the distance, make it count for something. Go in, get hit, and then change your angle and go again. Look for the takedown, look to drive up against the fence…Yeah, I’ve got to get on top of him, no doubt. I’ve gotta find a way to get him on the ground, make him carry my weight on the fence, on the ground, be heavy on him, hang on him. Otherwise, I’m just a big slow guy. I’ve gotta use the weight…I don’t think they’re actually going to let him kill me. And if he does kills me, book sales will really go up. Boom…win-win, bitch.

—Forrest Griffin talking to MMA Weekly about his gameplan for beating Anderson Silva at UFC 101

Sounds very similar to a lay n’ pray strategy, doesn’t it? It’s a strategy often loathed by fans, but against Anderson Silva, I couldn’t blame anyone for doing whatever it takes to neutralize his weapons. I mean it’s that or he just might kill you.

Anyone taking Forrest?