Gegard MousasiThe first piece of good news has surfaced since Affliction “Trilogy” was canceled.

Strikeforce has saved one of the best fights from “Trilogy”, Gegard Mouasi vs Renato “Babalu” Sobral, and will be sticking it on the televised portion of their August 15 card. Plus, it’s a title fight now.

The first two pieces of the scrambled puzzle left by Affliction’s recent demise have fallen into place as Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Renato “Babalu” Sobral (35-8) will defend his title against Gegard Mousasi (25-2-1) on Aug. 15. ( confirmed the rescheduled bout with Strikeforce Director of Communications Mike Afromowitz.

Mousasi will compete on the card with a new Strikeforce contract, Afromowitz said, and not as a loaned commodity from M-1.

This was easily one of the fights I was most looking forward to on the Affliction card, so I couldn’t be happier. Also good to hear that Mousasi actually signed with Strikeforce and won’t end up only fighting in Japan following this bout. He had mentioned he should just go to the UFC immediately after hearing that his Affliction fight had been canceled which led to numerous headlines and a healthy dose of speculation, but that never seemed very realistic with his DREAM commitments and M-1 affiliation.

It’s a good thing Strikeforce was able to get this fight too, because they may be losing yet another one of their title fights. It appears Alistair Overeem isn’t the only one with an injury that hasn’t fully healed. Strikeforce lightweight champ Josh Thomson’s broken leg apparently isn’t 100% yet. It’s kept him from putting in a proper training camp, and word is Strikeforce is actively looking for a replacement.

“I guess you could say that two weeks ago I was on crutches…I’m still talking right now with my cornermen and my management about moving the fight back to October or me just not fighting [Melendez]. But that doesn’t mean I’m not taking this fight serious. I’m doing what I can to win this fight. That’s the bottom line…It’s moving right along, I guess you could say. I’ve decided to go with the  non-training method for this fight – kind of play it by ear and see what happens. There’s a lot of things I couldn’t do. I’m not training like I was able to for the first fight, and we’re going to see what happens.”

The “non-training method” usually doesn’t result in a victory in this day and age, so as much as Thomson wants to fight, he should probably just sit this one out. I doubt Gilbert Melendez wants to win back the title against a champ who’s out of shape anyways.

Good news is Takanori Gomi, Rafaello Oliveira, Chris Horodecki and Dan Lauzon are all looking for fights now. Take your pick Strikeforce.

Update: Josh Thomson went on the UG and tried to put any notions that he’s not fighting to bed.

Dude, Im fighting unless something happens to my big toe again. LOL If ya got anything from my dam radio interview is was that im gonna nut up an fight this fight cuz I dont know a fighter who hasnt fought without an injury. I wasnt a 100% the 1st time an I wont be this time but sometimes you just have to have a lil faith in God an myself to pull me through. Enough said, Im fighting an thats the end of this post!

We’ll see.