This is a smart man.

HT: Sherdog via Bloody Elbow

Update: Check this out, Todd Beard, the Affliction guy who told off Lorenzo Fertitta, threatened Kim Couture, reportedly cost Affliction the Showtime/CBS deal and subsequently resigned (or so we thought), was back at the helm with Affliction according to Coker. Apparently, he was putting too much pressure on Strikeforce to give up Brett Rogers to fight Fedor for Coker’s taste.

“The reality, honestly, is that I couldn’t react fast enough for Todd (Beard) to feel good about,” said Coker.

Beard, who Affliction said resigned in November to seek counseling for alcohol abuse and anger management problems, was apparently still at the helm, and upset with Coker’s unwillingness to allow Rogers to step in.

“I’m like, look, it’s not just me, I have to talk to Showtime, and usually we don’t put fighters in fights that we can’t have a rematch with,” Coker continued. “It’s like, you want us to take one of our top heavyweights and give him to you when he’s only trained for five days? He’s just going to be taking the fight for the money. Even if you wanted to pay me money, it’s not worth it to me. And Showtime’s like no. So I told Todd, get a rematch clause for Fedor. But on another show, in the future, we can do it. Which I think is reasonable.”

Coker said he also knew at that point though there probably weren’t going to be any future shows. Like in the video, he says there were never any talks of a merger, only a sponsorship deal. He said the dialogue pointed towards Affliction not putting on any more shows a month ago.

And another thing we didn’t know was that Gegard Mousasi actually signed a deal with Strikeforce months ago. They were merely loaning him out to Affliction like they were with Babalu.