Interesting answers from a very animated Anderson Silva.

What about in the middleweight category? Who will be your next challenger?

I don’t know. Everyone wants to beat me up but nobody wants to pay me. I don’t know — whatever. Let’s bring the next, and the next. Someone will beat me up; that’s a fact. Someone will end up catching my arm, my foot, and submitting me.

Why? You’ve said you will retire soon, so it’s a possibility you could end undefeated in the UFC.

At some point, it will happen; that’s for sure. If I retire before it happens, that’s fine, but I want all the people to know that I’m prepared for everything. I’m training hard not to get hurt, but somebody will beat me up; that’s for sure. Is there anyone better than me? For sure. We don’t know where, but there is.

HT: Sherdog