Shogun Rua

“What can I say? Who knows my PRIDE run knows that I came to UFC expected to fight for the title because of my previous history. Everyone can speak what they want, right? I have to worry on my own words and not about what other ones say…It doesn’t annoy me. It’s his opinion and I respect it. Period…I think his opinion is contrary but I won’t criticize him. If he criticized me there must be a reason, who knows? I’m calm because I never did anything bad to him. So if he says such things he is being unfair and it will be hard for him a day. Everybody should have respect in this sport because it’s not easy to train everyday. That’s the motive I respect everyone. It’s OK if he doesn’t respect me back. I don’t give a damn on his words. Even a parrot talks.”

—Mauricio “Shogun” Rua responding to comments Anderson Silva made about him not deserving the title shot against Lyoto Machida.

Anderson Silva sure has knack for pissing off his fellow Brazilian fighters and former teammates, doesn’t he? Based merely on his two wins inside the Octagon, I don’t think anybody is going to argue that Shogun deserves the title shot, but as we’ve seen in the past, title shots aren’t always given based solely on a fighters most recent performances. He did more than enough in his PRIDE days to be considered one of the world’s elite light heavyweights, and despite the bump in the road he hit with Forrest and his knee injuries, he appears to be on his way back to being one of the world’s top 205 lbs. contenders. Should Rampage be getting the title shot on October 24? Absolutely, but he gave that up for a big money fight with Rashad Evans. Timing is as important factor as any in this business, and Shogun happened to be in the right place at the right time. He shouldn’t have to apologize for that.