Andrei ArlovskiLosing two fights in a row can be devastating for anybody, especially when they’re both by knockout. That’s what happened to Andrei Arlovski earlier this year when he was one of the few who was finding some success against Fedor Emelianenko before ultimately getting knocked out, and followed it up with another devastating loss to underdog Brett Rogers. No one expected him to take it well, but no one expected him to take it this hard either.’s tenth-ranked heavyweight “Pitbull” Andrei Arlovski (14-7) confessed to playing Russian roulette Wednesday night, a suicidal gamble during which a revolver is loaded with a single round, the cylinder spun, and then placed against the temple. The hopeless player pulls the trigger, chancing the bullet could end their life.

“First time I was 16, second time I was 30,” said the thirty-year old former UFC heavyweight champion. “It’s when you don’t care about anything.”

After his devastating second knockout loss, Arlovski returned to his native Belarus. “I talked to some priest. He read me a poem,” Arlovski related. He also spent couch time with a sports psychologist to the Russian Olympic wrestling team and communed with his family.

“I cried a lot after my fights, you know. When I lost to Fedor, I cried. When I lost to Rogers, I cried. You might be surprised, but I had tears alot in my last relationship,” Arlovski told, referencing his relationship with Playboy model Patricia Mikula.

Didn’t see that coming. Hopefully, Andrei continues to get the help he needs to get past this. Being that this is the second time he’s tried he may need a little more help than talking to “some priest” and a sports psychologist; perhaps a trained professional who specializes in that sort of thing.

The good news is he’s motivated again to back in the ring. He says he wants to box and plans on continuing his training with Freddie Roach, who will now only train him for his boxing matches. He’ll stick with his old team of trainers for any MMA fights.