GSP & BJ Penn

“In my opinion, he doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to steroids and growth hormones and that stuff. Look at him. He’s the worst. He looks like that every day. That’s cheating. There is a reason why there are rules against using steroids. The rest of us, we get fat, then we train and get skinny and the cycle goes over and over again. He looks the same way all the time. Come on…It’s just my opinion that he uses steroids. That’s it. My opinion. I do believe it. I can’t hand you any proof, but that’s my opinion.”

—BJ Penn, via Yahoo! Sports, voicing his belief that Georges St. Pierre uses performance enhancing drugs.

For the record, GSP’s representatives not only denied the accusation, one thought it was so ludicrous it didn’t even deserve a response while the other one laughed at it.

I tell you what, that’s quite the accusation BJ is throwing out there solely based on GSP’s physical appearance. Just because someone looks the part doesn’t automatically mean they’re juicing. I’m not one of them, but I’ve had quite a few friends over the years who could eat whatever they want, only work out an hour a day and still look like Superman, and they weren’t on steroids. It’s called good genetics and GSP obviously has them. It’s not like by taking them you turn into a physical specimen either. Hell, look at Josh Barnett and Tim Sylvia. They’ve actually been caught taking steroids before and their physiques were far from ideal.

Point being, even if BJ’s right, that’s not the type of allegation you go throwing around to the media if you’ve got nothing to go on besides how someone looks.

If BJ’s 100% focused on Kenny Florian, you’d sure never know it based on how much Penn has talked about St. Pierre in the last eight months.

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