Fedor StrikeforceStrikeforce, M-1 Global, Fedor Emelianenko and Showtime held their joint conference call this afternoon. Here’s a rundown.

–Scott Coker says signing Fedor feels like winning the lottery.

–M-1/Fedor didn’t sign with UFC because it didn’t give them the opportunity to develop. With Strikeforce, M-1 can broadcast Strikeforce events overseas whereas with the UFC they can’t.

–Coker was asked to respond to Dana comments from the UFC 101 pre-fight presser calling his promotion “Strikefarce” and stating that Fedor will put them out of business. He asked if anyone was surprised and said Dana’s a promoter. They plan to do what they’ve been doing and put on great fights with Fedor.

–Apy Echteld confirms there were contact with the UFC regarding Mousasi’s contract in this past, wouldn’t go into detail, but said Mousasi’s happy with Strikeforce contract and will honor it. Confirms the UFC tried to step in and stop the Babalu-Mousasi fight and says they wanted Mousasi the “cheap and easy way.”

–Coker says they haven’t made any decisions regarding whether Fedor will fight Alistair Overeem for the title first.

–Fedor says he has fought two great opponents in his last two fights in response to Dana claiming he’s ducking Lesnar and the rest of the UFC heavyweights. Vadim says Fedor will fight a good opponent in Brett Rogers and that Lesnar is a 4-1 fighter that’s a product of the UFC PR machine.

–Coker says pay-per-view with Fedor is probably six to nine months away.

–Coker would have never done Fedor/M-1 deal if he thought they were going to lose money or go out of business. Says others failed because their core business wasn’t mixed martial arts. Won’t give details on financial details of the Fedor signing.

–Fedor says he has full control of his contract, finances and his career.

–Fedor wants to work with the organizations that offer him better conditions regardless of their size. Says UFC doesn’t have the right attitude towards fighters, and they don’t treat them like human beings. He doesn’t like they’re policy of making him one offer and leaking a different offer with different figures to the public. Says the real offer was “really miserable.”

–Coker doesn’t understand why everyone is worried about M-1 not having a promoter’s license yet. Says they’ll get one and it’s non-issue. Says the deal will be a win for everyone, the organizations, the fighters, the fans, etc.

–Showtime lent support to help this deal come together.

–Fedor says if the leaked UFC numbers ($30m/6 fights) were the real numbers, they probably would have signed with the UFC.

–Vadim says M-1 is not accurately portrayed by the media on the internet. Fedor’s name outside the US is much bigger than the UFC’s name is. If Fedor came to the UFC he would make them famous outside of the US.

–Strikeforce’s DREAM deal is independent of the Fedor deal, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the three parties to work together along with Showtime.

–Fedor is very sorry the Lesnar fight couldn’t happen, but he thinks he deserves some respect and that his personal interests should be taken into consideration.

–Coker is confident all the upset fans will still tune in to to watch Fedor fight.

–Vadim says with Strikeforce, Fedor will be able to “step into the hearts” of people in the US like he did with the people in Japan. Please give us the time to show what M-1 and Strikeforce can achieve together.

–Fedor says he makes all the decisions regarding his career, Vadim makes the announcements. The UFC doesn’t want to meet his personal interests.