Dana White

Dana White did his usual UFC Fan Club Q&A today before the UFC 101 weigh-ins. Here’s a few of the highlights via Sherdog.

  • On Josh Barnett or Frank Shamrock returning to the UFC: “Josh Barnett’s going to be a tough one. … I made up with Tito; maybe I can make up with Frank.”
  • On Pride fights airing on Spike: Best of Pride show will air in January. “We have to make a lot of money to make up for what we paid for that f–ker.”
  • On network TV deals: “I had a deal with HBO. I probably could have two or three other network deals, but it didn’t make sense. … When the right deal comes, we’ll take it. … Could be months.”
  • On WEC/UFC merger: They’re talking about it.
  • On UFC in Japan: “They want to kill me over there. … We have to figure out how to navigate around these guys. … Bad dudes over there.”
  • On Wanderlei Silva’s next fight: Likely for England in October.
  • On Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr.: “I liked Roy Jones, but Roy Jones isn’t relevant anymore.”
  • On Tito Ortiz’s first fight since returning: Tito vs. Mark Coleman is set.

Hmm…Dana is open to making up with Frank. That wouldn’t have anything to do with his war with Strikeforce, would it? Funny how we’re starting to see the UFC sell PRIDE merchandise and now this show. Is it too much to ask for a PRIDE event for old times sake? I think it’s great their discussing a UFC/WEC merger. No matter how awesome the cards are, it never feels like a big show to me, and a lot of those deserve to be fighting on the biggest stage and the paydays that come along with it.